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Being able to create something from nothing. To flex your creative muscles and solve problems at the same time. It's really special.

That's why I love to code!

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Career Transition

Jan 2022 - Present

My current goal is to transition to a career in tech. As such, I am re-training as a programmer.

I am currently enrolled on a Web Development Bootcamp run by HyperionDev, where I am covering a wide range of topics: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, and React.js. Capstone projects will be added to this portfolio in due course.

In the run-up to the bootcamp, I have been self-learning, utilising the online platform Codecademy to build my coding knowledge. Topics, in addition to those covered in the HyperionDev bootcamp, include, Bootstrap, SCSS (Sass), Redux, and SQL.

Whizz Education

Jul 2018- Dec 2022

Initially working as an Education Success Partner (ESP), I supported schools in raising attainment in Maths. I developed and delivered technical training, provided software support, and monitored and evaluated client performance.

I later transitioned into the role of Learning and Development Manager, driving the performance of the company through the professional development of our employees. As a member of the Central Services Team, this was a strategic role where I helped to create the People Strategy in collaboartion with the HR Manager.

Classroom Teacher

Sept 2012- Jun 2018

As a primary school teacher, I planned and delivered fun, interactive and educationally powerful lessons. And in taking a data-driven approach, I was able to raise attainment of my students through targeted teaching and intervention.

Of course, helping young people to learn is a key part of teaching, but I also relished the opportunity to help guide my students in becoming kind, considerate and well-rounded individuals.

Tesco PLC

Oct 2007- Sept 2012

At Tesco I held a number of roles: Merchander, Customer Support Executive and Data Analyst.

As a Merchandiser, I was responsible for forecasting sales and purchasing stock inline with projected turnover. I had to arrange the logisitcal movements of stock to ensure stores had the right amount at thre right time. I also project managed the changing of product ranges in store and online.

In my role as a Customer Service Executive I developed and delivered sales and service training to retail staff across the UK. I was also responsible for responding to and mediating high-level customer complaints.

I started working at Tesco as a Data Analyst, where I compared and analysed competitor products and services. Providing this data to the commercial teams allowed them to make more informed decisions about their sales propositions.

University of St. Andrews

Oct 2002- May 2006

Here I studied both Maths and Chemistry, as a Joint Honours. Although it feels like a lifetime ago, I had a wonderful 4 years in St. Andrews. I learned lots, about Maths, Chemistry and about myself, and built life-long friendships which I cherish to this day.

If you ever get to chance, I would say a trip to St. Andrews is well worth the visit.

St. Andrews


  • html
  • css
  • javaScript
  • react
  • git
  • node.js
  • github
  • sass
  • Bootstrap
  • affinity
  • SQL
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